Aerosmith - crazy
Crazy - aerosmith
The doors - horse latitudes
Aerosmith - crazy
Aerosmith - crazy
Aerosmith - crazy
Angel - aerosmith
Crazy - aerosmith
Aerosmith - crazy (acoustic)
Pantera-rock out
Pantera-latest lover
Ac/dc - smash n grab
Ac/dc - black ice
Crazy (live version)
Aerosmith - crazy (live cover)
Rag doll - aerosmith
Crazy (album version)
Ac/dc - anything goes
What it takes - aerosmith
Girls of summer - aerosmith
Ac/dc - rocking all the way
What it takes (live). - aerosmith
Diesel-diesel blues ( wwf theme)
The classic project 4 (parte 1) -
Wwf-we're all together now ( wwf theme)
Hart & helm-macho man randy savage 'what up mach' (wcw theme)
Aerosmith - crazy vs britney s. - (you drive me) crazy (covered by dimas ft. recorded-female-voice)