Genera - public tenderness (remix)
Culture club - the war song (andrew keepit remix)
Culture club - the war song (ultimate dance mix) -
80's & 90's mix
Karma chamaleon - culture club
Dj mxr bootleg '80 review part1
White boy (dance mix) - culture club
Do you really want to hurt me - culture club
White boys can't control it - culture club
Dj dave pineda's i'm itchin' for the 80's mix
God thank you woman (extended) - culture club
Culture club live at costa mesa - los angeles - 18-08-85
The war song (ultimate dance mix) - culture club
Somertijd weekend dance mix aircheck - 15 april 2016
Radio urbano - karma kamaleon versión2015 - culture club
Boy george - god bless the child (digitalsoul 2.0 much blessed mix)
Mark ronson feat boy george - somebody to love me (congorock remix)
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