Jay z - d.o.a. (death of autotune) (dirty)
D.o.l. (death of the lights)~ jay z, d.o.a. [death of autotune]
Jay z
45. jay-z - d.o.a [raw]
Jay-z - d.o.a. (cnc edit)
45bis. jay-z - d.o.a [raw]
Anti bird bitch (jay-z d.o.a cover)
Jay z - d.o.a (instrumental break edit)
Jay-z - death of autotune [chase & status remix]
Jay-z 'd.o.a. (death of autotune)' ikah love dj edit
Best of 2009 part 2 - deviation with benji b on 1xtra
Jay-z- d.o.a. (chase and status remix) zebraisfood.com
Jay-z - d.o.a. (death of autotune) [chase & status remix]
D.o.a. (death of america) (jay-z d.o.a. remix) - prod. nate lehnert
Cars & trains - the leaves (bleubird "jay-z's death of autotune has autotune on it" version)