Jay-z feat. mr. hudson -forever y
[dubstep] jay - z & kanye west ft. mr hudson cassius - why i love you so (schoolboy remix)
I love you
She farted on my dick
Er (feat. kid vishis)
Random drunk bi***es
03-jay-z and kanye west - niggs in paris
Djraf.tj-call me maybe (house mix)carly rae jepsen
Akon ft. money jay - gotcha eyes on me (dirty)
12-jay-z and kanye west - illest motherfucker alive-rgf
Jay-z/kanye west type beat ~ throne room | prod. drae diamond
Eminem feat. ludacris & lil wayne - second chance (remix)
Chance the rapper ft. outkast type beat - answers (prod. menohbeats)
A love that will last - renee olstead (cover) jason feat teza sumendra and @runtlalala