Modern talking - geronimo s cadillac (dj trax dance remix)
Modern talking - geronimo's cadillac - dj khang chivas remix
Geronimos cadillac (instrumental) - modern talking
Modern talking - geronimo's cadillac
Modern talking-geronimo's cadillac
Modern talking - konsert
Geronimo's cadillac
Geronimo's cadillac
Do you wanna - modern talking
Delwar hossain 3
Shooting star - modern talking
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Italo disco mix compilation
Principiante beatz
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Here we go again free music!
Modern talking- geronimos cadillac 1986
Modern talking- geronimos cadillac 1986
Brother louie.(instrumental) - modern talking
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Do you wanna (instrumental version) - modern talking
Modern talking megamix ft. dj john exclusive
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Mike-e craft - angels (sugababes & polish underground mix)