Better together - jack jhonson
Good when we're together (radio edit)
02 - when we're together (joshua radin)
When we're together
When we're together
Good when we're together
When were you?
When i think of you
Bank robber - the clash
Evanescence - you - evanescence
Spirit (luke oxigenado feat. kylie)
04 the stars are aligned (when we're together)
04 the stars are aligned (when we're together)
We were together once (prod. dj luxurious)
You are the music in me - high school musical 2
Escape (david bulla & jan wulf remix) [radio edit]
★ good when we're together ★ (the mixtape) (free download)
★ good when we're together ★ (the mixtape) (free download)
Brgr078 jail weddings - when we're together (we let ourselves go)
Back in the day when we were together (forthcoming tba 12") - preview
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Da'ville - when we're together // romantic riddim // cheema vibez
Richard jones - sets of lessons for the harpsichord - mitzi meyerson
Bal-kan (históire de la musique traditionnel balkanique) - hespÈrion xxi (jordi savall)
Music at the court of janus of nicosia (1374-1432) - huelgas ensemble (paul van nevel)
Sebastián de vivanco - motets book of 1610 - capilla flamenca & oltremontano (dirk snellings)
Folias criollas (airs & tunes from the spanish colonial america) - hespÈrion xxi (jordi savall) & tembembe ensemble
Isaac,ockeghem,lassus,rore & brumel - masses (apostolis,au travail suis,osculetur me,praeter rerum seriem & ecce terrae motus) - the tallis scholars (peter phillips)