Tom misch – i wish
Ebullient future - elisa
Boys over flowers ost-wish you my love
Key to the streets
Thinking about you
Wish you were here - avril lavigne
Wish i may by alden richards
Summertime all the time volume 1
Wish you were here - joakim x dyalla
[bof ost2] t-max - wish you're my love
Tynisha keli - i wish you loved me [throwback]
Eric clapton [crossroads - disc ]
[ost. bbf vol.2] 02. t-max - wish ur my love (with j)
Girl you'll be a woman soon (nu-disco session 25.11.2013)
Rukus - sinister (the face of johnny rotten) mixtape (2013)
Maria siwiec & prusinowski kompania - mazurek o miłości/mazurek about love
Perle lama - baby ne t'en vas pas [remix reggae] - []
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